Ash Grunwald Plays Bondi Beach 24 January

Jan 2014
Will you be in Bondi tomorrow 24 January? Don't miss Ash Grunwald and the Leisure Bandits playing at the Promenade at Bondi Beach from 1.30pm. Find out more about Ash Grunwald here.

Alcohol Free Zone (AFZ) on Bondi Beach Christmas Day

Feb 2013

By now you might have noticed the signs up about Bondi's Alcohol Free Zone (AFZ) on Christmas Day. The council, police and security guards have a reputation for confiscating anything resembling alcohol on Christmas Day, and crushing backpacker's jolly Christmas dreams. Our advice is not to bother - you really won't be able to drink alcohol on Bondi Beach on Christmas Day. 

But don't just take our word for it - A first hand experience of Christmas Day written by a traveller to Bondi Beach 
"We huddled beneath a shelter, exchanging gifts (all bought from the dollar shop) and getting stuck into a box of goon that was swiftly confiscated by the police. So much for Christmas cheer!"

- read about it here

What are Your Plans?

Your best bet is to either not drink at all on Christmas Day, or head to one of the licensed premises close to Bondi Beach. The venues open on Christmas Day are listed here. 

A few good reasons to wake up early in Bondi...

Jan 2013

Waking With The Waves - The Video from Lester Jones on Vimeo.

Bring your Santa Hats, Leave your Booze...

Dec 2012

Happy Christmas Day!

We just took a stroll down to the beach and did a little reccy on the situation with alcohol today. It seems that the security is pretty serious down there. This year the council have upped the number of people doing bag checks at the entrances to the beach. You need to show them the contents of your bag before being allowed down onto the sand and water. If you have alcohol (yep, even inside a disguised container - we tested them) you'll not be allowed to proceed to the beach. They're also checking for weapons, and anything else that looks a bit suss. 

Checking in at the beach. You are not allowed to bring any alcohol onto the beach today. Guys like these are stationed all along the entrances to the beach. 

Australia's first beach to offer FREE WiFi? Bondi Beach of course!

Dec 2012

Waverley Council have recently launched an awesome new initiative - FREE WiFi at Bondi Beach. For travellers this is great news as you can now easily stay connected to the web and new friends at Bondi Beach. No longer will you need to worry about running out of data on your device at Bondi Beach. Your holidays spent running out of credit at internet cafes are also officially over. The free WiFi will be here all summer long... Think of it as a holiday gift from the Waverley Council. 

Here's what Mayor Sally Betts said about the initiative:

"with about 2 million visitors flocking to Bondi Beach and Park annually, we want to be able to offer the best possible beach experience we can." 

The FREE WiFi is for all to enjoy this holiday period. Enjoy!